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Develop your technique, confidence and coordination on the ball, stage by stage. Beginning with the basics, and advancing through to control and coordination exercises that help each player improve and enjoy football that much more, whilst developing their technique to help them improve in their club and school coaching.


Every player loves to learn a skill and wow their friends and team mates.
Billy teaches each player how to master some of his amazing skills - not just to impress your friends in the playground - but to improve your control and understanding of the ball and to beat your opponent in a match.
Our coaches go through which skills can be used in a game and when to use them.


Each session at the Academy is an enjoyable football experience for players of all ages. Every player enjoys matches, tournaments and skills competitions.
The Academy is a great chance to make new friends and be a part of a football family.

Course Type Location Dates Availability
Saturday Soccer School
London Soccerdome February 26th - March 26th
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